Aya Mohamed Attia

Teaching Assistant

Faculty Building

Dr. Tarek Khalil (UB 1)

Office Number



Aya currently works as a teaching assistant at the School of Biotechnology, Nile University. She graduated from the Biotechnology program at the Faculty of Agriculture at Cairo university (excellent with honor’s grade). She did her graduation project at the department of Microbiology on Modified culture techniques for the recovery of unculturable Rhizobacteria. In addition, she worked at the Environmental Studies and Research Unit for Microbiology for 2 years. Currently, she is about to finish her M.Sc. degree at the School of Information Technology and Computer Science, Nile University in the field of bioinformatics. Her M.Sc. project aims to find cancer cell treatments from plant extracts by means of database tools and machine learning models, besides being a member in the Erasmus Project (OPPM).

Previously, she worked as a teaching assistant for graduate and undergraduate courses at AUC (American University in Cairo) in the chemistry department. She worked simultaneously as a research assistant on a project in treating wastewater using nanotechnology techniques at AUC, which resulted in two manuscripts in International Journals. The prototype of her nanotechnology project also won 2nd place at the 5th Cairo International Exhibition of Innovation. Aside from teaching and research, Aya co-organized the international conference Recent Trends in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology: Towards Vision 2030 held at AUC.


Research Tracks
  • Medical Bioinformatics
  • Microbiology