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Aya Gamal Aly

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Aya Gamal is a graduate of the Systems and Biomedical Engineering Department at Cairo University, 2020. She joined a Master’s degree in the informatics program at Information Technology and the Computer Science School at Nile University in 2021.
She is currently a research assistant in the Medical Imaging and Image Processing Research Group, Center for Informatics Science, Nile University.
She is passionate about Machine learning and Deep Learning aspects mainly in the medical imaging field. Medical imaging tasks have motivated her to work on them since graduation, and she has participated in many projects related to them. She is also interested in designing deep networks to build reliable medical imaging solutions that can assist physicians in the future.

  • 1 published journal paper: https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/9934918?source=authoralert)
  • 2 published conference papers at MEDI
  • 1 abstract paper at MIUA conference
  • AWS Machine learning specialty certification in 2021
Research Tracks
  • Deep Learning
  • Medical Imaging
  • Computer Vision