Assem Kadry Abd ElMomen

Teaching Assistant

Faculty Building

Dr. Tarek Khalil (UB 1)

Office Number



Assem K. Abd El-Momen is currently a teaching assistant (TA) at the School of Biotechnology, Nile University, Egypt. He received his B.Sc. degree in Biotechnology in 2019 from Misr University for Science and Technology, Egypt. The graduation project was "Identification of the BAX and CFLAR Promoter Methylation Pattern Changes in Cervical Cancer Cells After Treatment with Chrysin". He is currently a master’s student at Nile University in the field of informatics. He is an experienced teaching assistant and a lab instructor with a broad teaching career in several Egyptian universities, such as Misr University for Science and Technology.

He was assigned the duty of working on the Erasmus project team developing an online postgraduate program in pharmacogenomics and personalised medicine (OPPM). His academic interest falls in Medical Genetics, Cancer Genetics, Next Generation Sequencing and Machine Learning. On the academic level, he teaches Molecular Genetics, Cytogenetics, Genetic Engineering, Principles of Bioinformatics and Genomic Analysis. 

Research Tracks
  • Medical Bioinformatics