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Amira Ahmed Abdel Latif Amer

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Amira A. Amer received the B.Sc. Degree in telecommunication (Hons.) from the Department of Computer and Communications, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, Egypt, in 2019. She holds a position as a research assistant at the wireless intelligent research center (WINC), Nile University, Egypt. She is currently pursuing an M.Sc. degree at Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, Egypt. Her research interests include mobile edge computing, aerial networks, mobility management, blockchain, and machine learning.

Recent Publications

6G: A comprehensive survey on technologies, applications, challenges, and research problems

The inherent limitations of the network keep on going to be revealed with the continuous deployment of cellular networks. The next generation 6G is motivated by these drawbacks to properly integrate important rate-hungry applications such as extended reality, wireless brain-computer interactions, autonomous vehicles, and so on. Also, to support significant applications, 6G will handle large

Software and Communications

Optimal Power Consumption on Distributed Edge Services Under Non-Uniform Traffic with Dual Threshold Sleep/Active Control

Mobile edge computing (MEC) is a key enabling technology for supporting high-speed and low latency services in the fifth generation (5G) and beyond networks. MEC paradigm moves computational resources from centralized cloud servers towards the edge of the network, nearer to the users. However, edge computation resources increase the power consumption of the network. Moreover, the non-uniform

Software and Communications
Research Tracks
  • Mobile Edge Computing
  • Aerial Networks
  • Optimization Applications
  • Machine Learning