Amir Atef

Amir Atef Habel

Research Assistant

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Amir is an aerospace engineer and works as a research assistant at SESC (Smart Engineering Systems Research Centre) at Nile University. He is passionate about learning and development in aerospace, especially aerospace technologies, Nanostructure of materials, and renewable and nuclear energy development.  

  • Won 6th place in the ROV Egypt Competition.
  • One of the founders of FERNAS Scientific Student Activity in IAET.
  • Published one Paper under the title of "Influence of the solar panel on wing aerodynamic and structural characteristic of UAV".

1- Head of PR and FR Teams of FERNAS SSA, Leader of Flying Wing Team. 

Research Tracks
  • Materials
  • Aerospace Industry
  • Aerodynamics, CFD, and Structures
  • Renewable Energy