Abdelrahman Ahmed Abdelaziz

Teaching Assistant

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Abdelrahman graduated from Faculty of Engineering Aerospace. He finished his master's courses in the same department and is preparing for his master's thesis. He's interested in aerospace and thermal-related fields specially the computational areas. He has been working at Nile University as a teaching assistant since 2019.

Recent Publications

Optimized Preliminary Design of a Multistage Low-Speed Axial FLow Compressor

This paper proposes a technique based on a MAT-LAB code capable of getting an optimized preliminary design of an efficient low-speed compressor qualified for laboratory experiments with relatively low cost. The code was made to design five repeated compressor stages on two steps conducted iteratively, namely 'mean line and radial design' to determine the optimum compressor geometry and then the

Mechanical Design
Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Competitiveness
Research Tracks
  • Turbomachines
  • Renewable Energy
  • CFD
  • Finite Elements
  • Vibrations
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer