Abdelhamid Mahmoud

Abdelhamid Mahmoud

Teaching Assistant

Faculty Building

Dr. Tarek Khalil (UB 1)

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Abdelhamid Mahmoud is a teaching assistant (TA) at the School of Biotechnology, Nile University. In 2021, Abdelhamid got his B.Sc. degree in biochemistry from the Faculty of Science, Cairo University (excellent with honor’s grade). He was the 2nd of the top five at his faculty. His passion had begun in the fascinating research journey when he joined a research team as a research assistant at his faculty and then because of his passion and enthusiasm towards the research, he was selected to participate in two projects; the first one was financed by Supporting Innovation Projects for Higher Education Students, titled “Novel PEGylated Inorganic Metal Complex Conjugated with Anti-HER2 Antibody for Breast Cancer Therapy”; and the second project was financed by the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology (ASRT), titled “Development of Novel Eco-friendly Naturally Occurring Nano-Composites for Efficient Remediation of Polluted Industrial Wastewater”. Also, he won first place in the competition with the title “New Trends for Antimicrobial Resistance Therapies”, where he represented an innovative solution for antimicrobial resistance by using CRISPR/ Cas9 and was awarded at the 8th international conference “Egypt’s Vision for COP27: The Role of Animal Health in Egypt’s National Climate Commitments.”

Currently, he is a master’s student at the Faculty of Science, Cairo University. His M.Sc. aims to prepare organic compounds as anti-cancer agents, and speculate on the molecular mechanisms by analyzing their effects on genomic DNA, protein content, and the expression of some apoptotic and angiogenic markers.

Research Tracks
  • Cancer Biology 
  • Molecular Biology
  • Genetic Engineering