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Student Hardship (Financial Aid)

You can help students affected by unexpected financial emergencies through financial aid funds, which will provide a much-needed chance for students who want to pursue their education and build their future. 


Unforeseen Hardships

Unforeseen hardship can fluctuate and become hard to manage quickly. It causes additional stress and can lead to students falling behind in their studies. This is where the financial aid fund becomes a lifeline for those students who are most in need.

In recent years, we have seen an increase in the usual number of student requests for emergency financial support. The knock-on effect of Covid-19 has meant many students have faced severe financial hardship during their time at university. Students have bills and other essential outgoings to cover. Some students benefit from support from their parents. But for students from low-income backgrounds or estranged from their families, reaching out to family and friends can be difficult.

The Cost of Living

The rise in energy, food costs and housing is significant to those on a tight budget, especially when it comes to rent and deposits for new accommodation to think about.

Your donation will help provide help to a student whose financial difficulties affect their studies and well-being. Life can be lonely for these students at the best times, and a crisis only amplifies these feelings.

Your support will provide a vital grant to those experiencing unexpected financial struggles. This means you will help students cover the cost of living to get back on track to achieve their full academic potential.


For more info contact: 

Amina S. Galal

Advancement and Marketing Director