Scholarships for Undergraduate Students

A full scholarship is one of the greatest gifts a student and, therefore, the University can receive. Scholarships play an important role in the University’s ability to attract and enroll the most talented students by supporting both academically gifted students of merit and those students in need of financial aid in order to ensure equal opportunity for all students who seek world-class education in Egypt.

Scholarships have a long-term effect on the caliber of youth presenting themselves to build the nation’s future, be it in the job market, the educational system, the political scene, or any other areas of influence in the nation.

Scholarships for Graduate Students 

NU being a research institution, graduate studies represent a vital component of its operating model as they form the catalyst for the creation of knowledge and allow the flow of innovation and value creation.

With the current challenging business environment conditions, few corporations are able to allocate resources to personnel advancement through investment in graduate and professional education in spite of their recognition of the importance of such assets.

At the same time, individuals are facing many challenges to self-finance in their graduate education.

This shortage creates a gap in the caliber of personnel and the skills and capabilities required to drive corporate and national growth. Scholarships and fellowships play a crucial role in fulfilling this gap, especially when designated to programs designed with this objective in mind which was the primary concern in the development of Nile University’s programs and research centers. Tuition is calculated on a credit-hour basis. 


Fellowships are awarded to graduate students dedicated to working in Nile University’s research labs. Research Assistants represent the bloodline for NU’s research activities.

Fellowships consist of full scholarships to master's programs and a monthly for research assistants.

For more info contact: 

Amina S. Galal

Advancement and Marketing Director

Email: agalal@nu.edu.eg