A Grant from PRIMA for a Project Entitled INTACTBioPack

Dr. Abdelrahim H. A. Hassan has been awarded a grant from PRIMA for a project entitled INTACTBioPack; the project has been selected by the Scientific Evaluation Committee and will be funded by the national funding bodies.

NTACTBioPack is a 36-month time-frame project involving a pan-Mediterranean consortium of 11 partners that aims to foster the adoption by the Mediterranean region, of novel, cost-competitive, biodegradable, and reusable food packaging, able to reduce food waste and loss.

This relies on three main objectives:

1. Developing innovative home-compostable food-packaging materials, covering the dual functions of protective barrier and active food ingredient, as well as a reusable sensor (vegetal layer coupled with low-cost RFID) and colorimetric sensor to monitor food freshness during storage at home.

2. Exploring the potentialities of bio- and microbiome-based solutions to design consumer “self-packing” solutions to preserve and upcycle at-home leftovers or unconsumed but still edible raw fresh produce.

3. Enabling a general strategy for designing safe, sustainable, and efficient biodegradable, active packaging solutions by the deployment of generalized methodologies, mathematical tools, business plans and guidelines.