A Grant from the DAAD for the Project "Cooperation Plan between Nile University and Duisburg-Essen University" by Dr. Lobna A. Said

Dr. Lobna A. Said, Director of Microelectronics System Design (MSD), has been awarded a grant from the DAAD for the project "Cooperation Plan between Nile University and Duisburg-Essen University". 

The aim of the Ta'ziz short measures is to initiate, intensify, expand and/or consolidate cooperation and knowledge exchange between the participating universities and nonuniversity actors, primarily from Egypt and Germany, in the areas of teaching, research, university management and/or transfer. Further goals include the acquisition of (inter) disciplinary and/or administrative skills by students, teachers, (young) scientists and/or university management staff and the implementation of concepts and/or (knowledge) products for teaching, research and/or reform processes in the field of university management that correspond to the local context and the state of science.