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Engineered nanomaterials as fighters against SARS-CoV-2: The way to control and treat pandemics

In this editorial trend, we aim to collect and present recently available data about the characteristics of SARS-CoV-2 virus, severity, infection, replication, diagnosis, and current medications. In addition, we propose the role of nanomaterials in controlling and treating COVID-19 through their antiviral and antibacterial potential with suggested action mechanisms indicating the capability of

Energy and Water

DS2B: Dynamic and Secure Substitution Box for Efficient Speech Encryption Engine

This paper proposes an efficient encryption technique based on Dynamic and Secure Substitution Box (DS2B) design suitable for IoT and resource-constrained platforms. The DS2B has the advantages of simple structure and good encryption performance. A different number of strong S-boxes could be generated with minor variations in the DS2B parameters. Performance analyses of the DS2B, including

Circuit Theory and Applications

Double Exponent Fractional-Order Filters: Approximation Methods and Realization

The main goal of this work is to exploit different tools in order to approximate a general double exponent fractional-order transfer function. Through the appropriate selection of the two fractional orders of this function, different types of filters can be derived. The investigated approximation tools are either curve fitting based tools or the Padé approximation tool, and the derived

Circuit Theory and Applications

Decoupling the magnitude and phase in a constant phase element

The success of fractional-order fractance (FOF) as a modeling tool in (photo)bio(electro)chemical systems can be readily gauged by the large body of research work that has been conducted over the past few years in terms of materials fabrication, building integer-order emulators of their behavior, as well as applications in filter design, controller design, modeling of energy storage devices and

Circuit Theory and Applications

Optimum Scheduling of the Disinfection Process for COVID-19 in Public Places with a Case Study from Egypt, a Novel Discrete Binary Gaining-Sharing Knowledge-Based Metaheuristic Algorithm

The aim of this paper is to introduce an improved strategy for controlling COVID-19 and other pandemic episodes as an environmental disinfection culture for public places. The scheduling aims at achieving the best utilization of the available working day-time hours, which is calculated as the total consumed disinfection times minus the total loosed transportation times. The proposed problem in

Artificial Intelligence
Software and Communications

Power-law compensator design for plants with uncertainties: Experimental verification

A power-law compensator scheme for achieving robust frequency compensation in control systems including plants with an uncertain pole, is introduced in this work. This is achieved through an appropriate selection of the compensator parameters, which guarantee that the Nyquist diagram of the open-loop system compensator-plant crosses a fixed point independent of the plant pole variations. The

Circuit Theory and Applications

Active control of the dynamic density of acoustic metamaterials

All attempts to develop acoustic metamaterials with prescribed characteristics are based on utilizing the concepts of resonance frequencies of the metamaterial cell structure or on the spatial arrangement of two-or multi-phase domains to realize density or bulk modulus values on the micro scale that influence the wave propagation on the macro scale. In here, a radically different concept is

Circuit Theory and Applications