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Rough Set Based Classification and Feature Selection Using Improved Harmony Search for Peptide Analysis and Prediction of Anti-HIV-1 Activities

AIDS, which is caused by the most widespread HIV-1 virus, attacks the immune system of the human body, and despite the incredible endeavors for finding proficient medication strategies, the continuing spread of AIDS and claiming subsequent infections has not yet been decreased. Consequently, the discovery of innovative medicinal methodologies is highly in demand. Some available therapies, based on

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Deep stacked ensemble learning model for COVID-19 classification

COVID-19 is a growing problem worldwide with a high mortality rate. As a result, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared it a pandemic. In order to limit the spread of the disease, a fast and accurate diagnosis is required. A reverse transcript polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) test is often used to detect the disease. However, since this test is time-consuming, a chest computed tomography

Software and Communications

Honey Badger Algorithm: New metaheuristic algorithm for solving optimization problems

Recently, the numerical optimization field has attracted the research community to propose and develop various metaheuristic optimization algorithms. This paper presents a new metaheuristic optimization algorithm called Honey Badger Algorithm (HBA). The proposed algorithm is inspired from the intelligent foraging behavior of honey badger, to mathematically develop an efficient search strategy for

Circuit Theory and Applications

Engineered magnetic oxides nanoparticles as efficient sorbents for wastewater remediation: a review

The rapid urbanization and industrialization is causing worldwide water pollution, calling for advanced cleaning methods. For instance, pollutant adsorption on magnetic oxides is efficient and very practical due to the easy separation from solutions by an magnetic field. Here we review the synthesis and performance of magnetic oxides such as iron oxides, spinel ferrites, and perovskite oxides for

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Versatile Field-Programmable Analog Array Realizations of Power-Law Filters

A structure suitable for implementing power-law low-pass and high-pass filter transfer functions is presented in this work. Through the utilization of a field-programmable analog array device, full programmability of the characteristics of the intermediate stages, as is required for realizing the rational integer-order transfer function that approximates the corresponding power-law function, was

Circuit Theory and Applications

License Plate Image Analysis Empowered by Generative Adversarial Neural Networks (GANs)

Although the majority of existing License Plate (LP) recognition techniques have significant improvements in accuracy, they are still limited to ideal situations in which training data is correctly annotated with restricted scenarios. Moreover, images or videos are frequently used in monitoring systems that have Low Resolution (LR) quality. In this work, the problem of LP detection in digital

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Recommender systems are receiving great attention these days, as various researchers and major companies are conducting continuous research in this field. Companies like Google and Amazon have provided different effective models for video recommendation systems, but the educational field is poorly studied as other researchers explained. Different researchers proposed various approaches showing the

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QIRHSI: novel quantum image representation based on HSI color space model

We present QIRHSI, a novel quantum image representation method based on the HSI color space model. QIRHSI integrates the advantages of the Flexible Representation of Quantum Images (FRQI) model and the Novel Enhanced Quantum Representation (NEQR) model. On the one hand, the proposed QIRHSI model is better suited for the image processing related to intensity information via binary qubit sequence

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A 3D Multiple-Slip Crystal-Plasticity Model for Precipitate Hardening in Additively Manufactured High Strength Steels

Additive Manufacturing (AM) revolutionized the manufacturing of complex geometry products, especially in medical and aerospace fields. High-strength precipitate hardened (PH) stainless steels provide unique properties in term of strength and corrosion resistance for critical applications in both fields. In the current study, a 3D multiple-slip crystal-plasticity dislocation densities-based model

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Security and Interoperability Issues with Internet of Things (IoT) in Healthcare Industry: A Survey

Recently, public healthcare systems become one of the most pivotal parts in our daily life. Resulting in an insane increase in Medical data like medical images and patient information. Having huge amount of data requires more computational power for efficient data management. In addition, data security, privacy and trustworthy have to be maintained and guaranteed. Most medical information in the

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