Conference Paper

Modified P3HT:PCBM Active Material with LiF Vertical Cylinders for Organic Solar Cells

Emad A.
Mahmoud H.
Fahim I.S.
Ismail T.

In this paper, we introduce active material for an organic solar cell with a modified composition. A combination of P3HT: PCBM with parallel vertical LiF cylinders formulate the active material structure. The collection efficiency in the active material reaches 92.2%. The operating wavelength where the maximum collection efficiency occurs is adjusted and matched with the wavelength where the maximum irradiance of the solar spectrum occurs. The absorption per unit volume of the new structure is 80.4 μm-3 while the blank structure is 75.07 μm-3. The net absorption magnitude for the required structure is 32.09. The LiF is considered a suitable material for the vertical cylinders in the proposed structure. At a depth of 95 nm and operating wavelength 500 nm, for TE mode, LiF has the highest insertion losses with 0.7 dB. However, ITO and ZnO possess 0.35 dB and 0.49 dB, respectively. For TM mode, LiF has the lowest insertion losses at the same depth with 0.7 dB, while ZnO possesses 0.49 dB. However, ITO performs the highest insertion losses at the same depth with 0.77 dB. © 2020 IEEE.