Multiobjective optimisation algorithm for sewer network rehabilitation

Marzouk M.
Omar M.

Understanding of deterioration mechanisms in sewers helps asset managers in developing prediction models for estimating whether or not sewer collapse is likely. Effective utilisation of deterioration prediction models along with the development and use of life cycle maintenance cost analysis contribute to reducing operation and maintenance costs in sewer systems. This article presents a model for life-cycle maintenance planning of deteriorating sewer network as a multi-objective optimisation problem that treats the sewer network condition and service life as well as life-cycle maintenance cost (LCMC) as separate objective functions. The developed model utilises Markov chain model for the prediction of the deterioration of the network. A multi-objective genetic algorithm is used to automatically locate an appropriate maintenance scenario that exhibits an optimised tradeoff among conflicting objectives. Monte Carlo simulation is used to account for LCMC uncertainties. The optimisation algorithm provides an improved opportunity for asset managers to actively select near-optimum maintenance scenario that balances life-cycle maintenance cost, condition and service life of deteriorating sewer network. A case study is used to demonstrate the practical features of developed methodology. © 2013 Copyright Taylor and Francis Group, LLC.