Conference Paper

Synthesis of a family of differential cross-coupled oscillators and design application

Maundy B.J.
Elwakil A.S.
Elamien M.B.
Al-Hammadi A.

A new class of differential oscillators comprising ten possible circuits is introduced in this work. Half of the members of this family are LC-based oscillators and the other half are RC-based ones. While all oscillators are second-order, a maximum of four resistors was imposed as a restriction on possible oscillators that belong to the proposed architecture. Only two of the found oscillators are canonical but all members of the this family have unique and attractive design features. Experimental results using discrete components verify the operation of selected circuits designed for short distance citizen band communication devices. Further, a MOS-C version of one of the oscillators is designed and tested in a CMOS 90nm technology. © 2018 IEEE