Memcapacitor response under step and sinusoidal voltage excitations

Fouda M.E.
Radwan A.G.

Recently, mem-elements have become fundamental in the circuit theory through promising potential applications based on the built-in memory-properties of these elements. In this paper, the mathematical analysis of the memcapacitor model is derived and the effect of different voltage excitation signals is studied for the linear dopant model. General closed form expressions and analyses are presented to describe the memcapacitor behavior under DC step and sinusoidal voltage excitations. Furthermore, the step and sinusoidal responses are used to analyze the memcapacitor response under any periodic signal using Fourier series expansion where the effect of the DC component on the output response is investigated. In addition, the stored energy in the memcapacitor under step, sinusoidal and square wave excitations is discussed. Moreover, the analysis of series and parallel connection of N non-matched memcapacitors in general is introduced and special cases of matched memcapacitors are discussed. The derived equations are verified using SPICE simulations showing great matching. © 2014 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.