Conference Paper

Empirical Temperature Model of Self-Directed Channel Memristor

Bunnam T.
Soltan A.
Sokolov D.
Maevsky O.
Degenaar P.
Yakovlev A.

Memristors are used in many innovative research areas. However, the temperature has a strong effect on mem-ristance, which results in malfunctions. Although commercial a memristor is available, its thermal characteristics are still under-explored. This paper presents a temperature model of a self-directed channel memristor. The experimental results of measuring high-resistive-state memristance between 253K and 383K show the inverse relation, which can be described by an exponential equation. This relation is similar to metal-oxide memristors; therefore, our model is expected to cover many memristor types. The presented model enables improved temperature tolerance in memristive circuits and temperature sensing applications. © 2020 IEEE.