Conference Paper

Current-Mode Carry-Free Multiplier Design using a Memristor-Transistor Crossbar Architecture

Yu S.
Soltan A.
Shafik R.
Bunnam T.
Xia F.
Balsamo D.
Yakovlev A.

Multipliers are a major energy and delay contributor in modern compute-intensive applications due to their complex logic architecture. As such, designing multipliers with reduced energy and faster speed has remained a thoroughgoing challenge. This paper presents a novel, carry-free multiplier, which is suitable for a new-generation of energy-constrained applications. The multiplier circuit consists of an array of memristor-transistor cells that can be selected (i.e., turned ON or OFF) using a combination of DC bias voltages based on the operand values. When a cell is selected it contributes to current in the array path, which is then amplified by current mirrors with variable transistor gate sizes. The different current paths are connected to a node for analogously accumulating the currents to produce the multiplier output directly. This removes the need for latency-sensitive carry propagation stages, typically seen in traditional multipliers. We conduct a number of experiments to validate the functional and parametric properties. Our experiments showed that proposed multiplier achieves 51.44% savings in energy at a similar accuracy when compared with recently proposed approaches. © 2020 EDAA.