Conference Paper

Replay attack on lightweight CAN authentication protocol

Noureldeen P.
Azer M.A.
Refaat A.
Alam M.

Day after day, users' expectations of tomorrow vehicles' features are increasing. Although the industry's prime goal is users' satisfaction, many unsolved problems are still present. Amongst the major challenges are the huge interconnections and dependability within the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) used inside vehicles. Five years ago, the number of ECUs within a vehicle was about 70 ECUs. This number has doubled nowadays, and it is expected to double again in the near future. This adds challenges to both of network management and network security. The purpose of this paper is to enhance the CAN immunity against attacks. In this paper, we focus on the lightweight CAN authentication protocol, investigate the protocol immunity against Denial of service attack, and propose a solution for this attack. As a result, we achieve security protocol that is suitable for all security aspects. © 2017 IEEE.