Conference Paper

Generation of OFC by Self-Phase Modulation and Multiple Laser Sources in HNLF

Bassiouni M.
Ismail T.
Selmy H.
Badr Y.

Self-Phase Modulation (SPM) is a non-linear phenomenon relating to the self-induced phase shift encountered by the optical field during its transmission into the optical fiber. It is the most popular technique for generating an optical frequency comb (OFC) with different frequency spacing values. The SPM is regulated by many parameters such as fiber length, input optical power, and the non-linearity of the optical fiber. The OFC distinguishes between a high spectral flatness level, a high optical signal-to-noise ratio (OSNR) and a wide range of wavelengths. In this paper, The SPM uses to generate OFC by inserting a source directly into a highly-non-linear fiber (HNLF). The HNLF provided small power deviations with different optical wavelength spacing. The results of the simulation show that, compared to the current generating schemes, the proposed integrated OFC achieves a high number of wavelengths and spectral flatness. © 2020 IEEE.