Numerical Simulation and Experimental Validation of New Design of Finned-tube Heat Exchanger for Tankless Water Heaters

Research Project

In the mid-fifties, Egypt started to manufacture gas water heaters locally. In the early nineties, many home appliance companies flourished, until they reached nearly 15 companies. These companies manufacture more than 2 million gas heaters annually, and more than half are exported abroad (Trade map, 2018). Despite mass production, the burner, combustion zone, and heat exchanger are being imported from abroad. The main reason is the distrust in locally manufactured parts, especially these sensitive parts. This proposal aims to localize the design and manufacturing of the heat exchanger component by providing an efficient yet simple design for the heat exchanger component. The new design will be experimentally validated after carrying out extensive numerical simulations to gain the trust of Egyptian and foreign manufacturers.



  • New design for the heat exchanger to be used in the local market to reduce the production cost.
  • Increase the efficiency of the heat transfer process according to Egyptian Organization for Standardization & Quality.
  • Recommendations for Egyptian manufacturers to help them localize the manufacturing of the heat exchanger in Egypt.