NU School of Biotechnology Holding a Seminar Presented by Dr. Sherif Abouelhadid

The School of Biotechnology had the pleasure of holding a seminar presented by Dr. Sherif Abouelhadid, a lead scientist in the field of public health and Head of Biological and Pharmacological Research Pillar at the Antimicrobial Research Centre, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, London, United Kingdom.

Dr. Sherif’s research focuses on glycobiology-based vaccine development, and he gave a talk entitled “From a food-borne pathogen to a groundbreaking vaccine biotechnology”. The importance of this talk lies in the critical issue of antibiotics, which enabled the treatment of deadly bacterial infections, are now failing, ushering in vaccine development as a current global imperative. In the talk, Dr. Sherif tackled his work on developing a novel glycoengineering tool that overcomes the limitations of bioconjugation methods. Additionally, he discussed the immense potential of his group’s platform in developing vaccines that combat multidrug-resistant bacterial infection.