IoT Solutions

The growing technology market in Egypt needs to implement more Internet of things (IoT) systems to compete in the international market as the whole world is focusing on using advanced technologies such as the IoT systems to improve their products and services. The true value of the IoT will be obvious when all devices are connected to the cloud and their data is collectively analyzed, revealing actionable insights that can advance a business. 

Here at Nile University, the definition of IoT goes beyond the simple exchange of data by connecting devices, systems, and people in intelligent, real-world applications to enable environments such as automated factories, smart cities, and connected healthcare. Our innovation team has both software and hardware experts who work collaboratively with our UI/UX designers and embedded systems engineers to develop a whole IoT system. Besides, we have technical partners who are pioneers in the field of IoT. We already have developed such systems; for example, G-House, an IoT-based device, shall monitor and control the plant water Irrigation volume.