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Bahaa received the M.Sc degree in Micro-Electronics in 2021 and B.Eng. degree (Hons.) in electrical engineering in 2014. He is a Research Fellow at Brown University, USA. He is the National Point of contact for Egypt at the Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC) of the United Nations (UN) since 2020. He is a Senior Teaching Assistant at Nile University, Egypt, and has been a Research Assistant at the Nano-electronics Integrated Systems Center, Nile University, from 2017 to 2019. He was a part of an initiative with the Institute of Space Systems (IRS), University of Stuttgart, Germany, to design a manned space mission to Venus as an EPS Engineer, under the sponsorship of the European Space Agency (ESA).

He is also currently the Technical Lead for the Moon Village Association in Egypt, leading the design of the first lunar mission by the Egyptian Space Agency (EgSA), resulting in a conference paper at the IAC2021. He has served as a part of an environmental initiative collaborating with IIT Bombay, India, to design electrical vehicles for public transportation, in 2014. He has received the IEEE Golden Prize (First Place) for the power and control section in EED 2014, Egypt. He also volunteered for a number of renowned organizations as AIESEC and IEEE. He has a number of publications in high-impact journals in the field of chaos theory, fractional order systems, Nano/Micro-electronics, Optimization Techniques, FPGA/ASIC design flow and Nano-robotics. He also acted as a reviewer for the IEEE ACCESS journal in 2019 and the Circuits, Systems, and Signal Processing journal in 2020.

Recent Publications

Cole bio-impedance model variations in daucus carota sativus under heating and freezing conditions

This paper reports on the variations in the parameters of the single dispersion Cole bio-impedance model of Daucus Carota Sativus (carrots) under heating and freezing conditions. Experiments are conducted on six samples with recorded live bio-impedance spectra versus temperature. The Cole model parameters are extracted from the measured data using the Flower Pollination Algorithm (FPA)

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Fractional order integrator/differentiator: FPGA implementation and FOPID controller application

This paper introduces two FPGA based design approaches of the fractional order integrator and differentiator using Grünwald Letnikov (GL) definition where fixed window and linear approximation approaches are considered. The main advantage of the linear approximation method is that it reduces the huge memory of the fractional order systems. One of the top applications of fractional calculus is the

Circuit Theory and Applications

Medical nanorobots: Design, applications and future challenges

Following the current technological revolution, the concept of emerging fields and getting a common benefit becomes a bright way to follow. Going deeper in nanotechnology, nanorobotics has been the glimpse of hope in many fields; particularly, in the medical field. Nanorobotics applications in medicine are divided into two main categories, diagnosis and treatment, and extensive efforts have been

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