Support Services

NU Counselling Centre 

Yalla N’ Talk

The NU Counselling Service Centre serves to provide a professional service to students. The Service supports the mission of the University by offering:

  • Counselling and mental health support to students, both individually and in groups, and, with strict regard to clients’ confidentiality, working in collaboration with the University and BPS (British Psychological Society) provisions.
  • Preventative work: to help students and staff make the best personal use of the opportunities offered by the University.
  • ​​​​​​​Education: consultation, guidance and training to members of the University and provision of general feedback and recommendations to help promote a healthy working environment for students.
  • ​​​​​​​Students can book an appointment with the counsellor if they are experiencing:​​​​​​​
  1. Stress and Anxiety
  2. Depression and loneliness
  3. Trauma and Grief
  4. Adjustment Challenges
  5. Relationship issues
  6. Decision Making Problems
  7. Time Management Issues
  8. Problem Solving Concerns
  9. Lack of Motivation

TLC Office

The Learning Center (TLC) is an initiative intended to help business students prosper at the university by helping them understand, meet and even master the NU rigorous academic demands necessary to enhance their learning process. TLC helps students become more empowered, confident and effective learners. The Tutoring and Learning Center provides services for students, such as capacity building sessions, academic advising, group and individual tutoring in specific courses or general skills and preparation for the NU life.

Goals of TLC: 
Help students become better students

• Help students develop and improve business writing, math, reading, study skills and case study methodology necessary for success in the NUSB

• Help increase students’ readiness for the Business School demands.

• Help students understand their course content through one of the highest quality individual, group and online tutoring services.

• Provide access to technology, in particular those developed by NU research centers, which will enhance the TLC services and provide opportunities for independent learning.

• Create a vibrant, inclusive, and supportive academic community that promotes academic achievement and intellectual development for both NUSB students and junior TAs.

• Partner with instructors and regular TAs throughout the entire faculty to ensure that our services complement and support education in the classroom.

• Guide and develop our junior TAs and provide ongoing supervision and mentoring so that they can become excellent future academics and role-models.

• Evaluate our services rigorously for continuous improvement as quickly and effectively as possible.

Financial Aid

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