Student Activities


The University supports everything related to sports activity for students and employees by:

1- Providing a gym equipped with the latest sports equipment.

2- Providing sports fields for different sports.

3- Activating the sports activity in the college: forming NU sports teams, setting up matches, participating in the sports activities organized by the university, among other things.

4- Providing male and female trainers in all fields of sport and artistic activities.

5- The university participates with its sisters from private and government universities in the sports league competitions held by these universities, in addition to internal partnerships and activities between colleges in addition to the activities of the Ministry of Youth and Sports.



Annual Universities’ Tournament conducted between universities throughout Egypt in the past few years, out of which NU soccer team won several universities such as AAST, ACU and IAEMS.


Nile University provides the students with social activities to help students create balance, so they they wouldn’t be focused on the academic aspects, but also on other aspects in life. 

  •  Tedx Talks: An event organized by passionate students  who seek to uncover new ideas, spark conversations in latest research, seek a deeper understanding of the world and how the power of ideas can change people’s attitudes, lives and the world.
  •  Homecoming Festival: The festival is an event in which all NU students, Alumni, Parents, Faculty, Staff members and stakeholders meet to connect more to the university community, build relationships and make some memories in a day full of fun and different activities.
  •  Orientation Program: It is a program at the beginning of each semester that introduces students to NU’s academic information and engages student in fun activities such as: campus tours, sporting events, games, etc. By participating in this program, you'll get to know Nile University, and make new friends.


Cultural activities provide many opportunities for students to freely express their views on community issues and participate in solving problems facing them, as well as providing an opportunity for creative students in various fields of literature; they show their talents in poetry, fiction, and other arts. Musical talents are very welcomed, and we provide a music room equipped with many musical instruments to enable students to practice freely. There is also the roman theatre where many theatricals have been done.

The university supports these activities through a special budget; this helps our students to get out their creative energies especially in the university's annual celebrations and its various seasonal events.


There are also many communities and clubs in this literary and musical arena like:


E3raf baladak is an educational club that was created to organize local historic trips to students.


The Insider NU is an independent student-run newspaper at Nile University (NU).


NUMC is an entertainment club where music and passion meet to provide our NU community with unforgettable music and beats and to share art and music loving together. The club participates in concerts and shows that takes place in NU with its band and provides weekly.


NUtshell is the first scientific magazine, established in Nile University. It is a non – governmental magazine that Supports NU students who have Potentials with writing skills and passionate talents needed to fulfill their ambitions.

Our mission is to raise the importance of the scientific research and the importance of having a scientific journal in NU University run by students mainly and doctors who appreciate this value in a professional international way. Develop skills to enhance the social, educational and cultural environment of college students.


Otaku Kingdom is a Nile University club that offers the best entertainment and socializing methods through anime.


A group of talented students who are committed to train others and perform two plays each year.