Postgraduate Research Forum


NU Bachelor’s degrees ensure that students have the knowledge and skills to continue pursuing career and learning opportunities through their life. Proceeding from this task we have made a road show for undergraduates, from freshmen to seniors, to start their research early. With the variety in our research centers we enable students to enter the interdisciplinary area that connects the academics with the market applications and needs. With  the supervision of Nile University's staff, a very organized research project plan was made to help students explore the re-look usage over the learning. 

PGRF on the 24th of October 2018

NU Research Day was held for all research assistants and postgraduates from different research centers and programs of Informatics science (CIS), Wireless technology (WINC), nanoscience (CNT), nano-electronics (NISC) and MOT. 


Researcher Name 

Ahmed Kamal Ibrahim El Sawy 

Poster Title 

Automatic 3D Aortic Segmentation Platform using Volumetric Deep Neural Networks and Level Sets Method 


Dr. Mustafa A. Elattar 


Researcher Name 

Amal Elhussieny 

Poster Title: 

Experimental Investigation for Chitosan Films Reinforced with Natural Fillers 


Dr. Irene Samy