Erasmus+KA2 SP-EDU

Project Title

[SP-EDU] International E-based Diploma and Professional Certificates in Special Education and Inclusion

Project Partners

European Partners:

  • University of Oviedo
  • University of Latvia
  • Royal Institute of Technology
  • Public School Veneranda Manzano
  • Ministry of Education and Culture – Spain

Egyptian Partners:

  • Ain Shams University (ASU)
  • Nile University (NU)
  • Mansoura University
  • Egyptian E-Learning University
  • The Right to Live Association for Intellectually Disabled
  • Educational Cooperative Society Misr Language Schools
  • Ministry of Education

Scope of Work

A multidisciplinary diploma integrating education and pedagogical domains with engineering and technology, in which education experts and engineering faculty provide new teaching methodologies in special-needs education using advanced ITC-based resources and virtual reality technology to improve learning process and shift abstract education for special-needs students to accommodate social and psychological aspects to improve their perception and social integration.

Project Objectives

  • Develop comprehensive gap analysis of special education in Egypt for 3 targeted disabilities.
  • Design and develop two-year two-stage special education diploma system offered in EG.
  • Design and develop professional training modules for specific disability aspects (ADHD, behavioral disorder, inclusion systems).
  • Design and develop (pedagogical-psychological, disability-specific) courses for special education diploma with dual education design concept.
  • Develop the diploma according to ECTS system to be upgraded later to Master’s degree.
  • Accredit the developed diploma both in EG and in EU.
  • Develop disability-specific teacher/specialists resources for public or private schools with inclusion program.
  • Develop an online virtual inclusion school hosting students (regular and special-needs), teachers and parents as a shared learning environment.
  • Establish exchange links between EG and EU and train EG trainers in EU.
  • Implement the diploma during the project lifetime.