Nile University has various labs in many fields and contains ones that can only be found in Egypt. Thanks to its collaboration with many academic and research international institutions, Nile University is considered one of the top-notch universities across the nation. 

  1. FACT Labs are the first labs of automation and mechatronics in Egypt that are certified by Festo the German multinational leader company in industrial control and automation. These labs include; Pneumatics, Hydraulics, Automation and CNC labs.
  2. Mechatronics Lab is used in automotive systems, and robotics. This lab is the cooperative integration of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, electronics, and control theory for the design of intelligent systems.
  3. Metrology Lab is equipped with different dimensional metrology instruments such as calipers, gauges and instrumentation to inspect various features to help students with the study of measurement.
  4. Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer Lab is used in the teaching of Heat Transfer and Thermodynamics where experiments are conducted covering heat transfer modes, thermodynamics power and refrigeration cycles.
  5. Renewable Energy Lab is a specialized lab to aid students in understanding the fundamental concepts related to: Renewable Energy using Solar panels, Renewable Energy using wind turbine and the Hybrid system renewable energy.
  6. Innovation Hub Lab was established in 2015 to provide technical support and guidance to any project in the engineering field. The Innovation Hub Lab consists of 3 rooms; Inspiration Area, Prototyping Lab and Manufacturing Lab where the 3D scanner and the 3D printers are available for students to use for their projects.
  7. The Civil Engineering Labs Complex are created especially for civil engineering students and research; the civil labs are:
  • The Hydraulics Lab which is from Cussons (UK) and includes a digital hydraulic bench with water pumps and all valves, and Osborne Reynolds apparatus.
  • The Soil Mechanics Lab is from ELE (UK) and is fully automated and includes equipment used for basic soil classification, direct shear and 1-D consolidation testing, unconfined uniaxial compression.
  • The Environmental Lab is also from ELE (UK) and includes COD reactor, benchtop/turbidity meters, refrigerated incubator, distilled water still, spectrophotometer, laboratory flocculator, muffle furnace, glass bakers, and several other devices and chemicals.
  • The Materials Lab from ELE (UK) includes heavy equipment such as concrete mixer, curing tank, cubes crushing, beam flexure machine, cement tests, non-destructive Pundit ultrasonic and Schmidt hammer devices.
  • The Asphalt Lab is from Controls (Italy) and is fully automated including equipment such as Los Angeles abrasion machines and Marshall compression testing.
  • The Surveying Lab is from Sokkia (Japan) and includes modern equipment and tools used for engineering surveying work.

      8.The Chemistry Lab in Nile University gives hands-on lab training and activities in chemistry that are assigned to serve and support Nile Universitys students and researchers.

      9.The Computer Labs are used by the school of Computer Science students in the applied learning of the programming and software studies.