NU Students Participating in "FinYology" Initiative launched by the Central Bank of Egypt

Proudly, NU senior students participated in this exceptional entrepreneurial initiative as part of their graduation project course on 6th March 2021.

EMAAR Misr and Architecture and Urban Design Program Collaboration

EMAAR Misr collaborates with Nile University to design affordable and environmentally friendly homes.

Nile University wins 1st Place in Electric Vehicle Rally Competition (EVER)

Nile University team “RPMUS” won 1st place in the finals of the third season of the Electric Vehicle Rally (EVER) ...

Mr. Amr Moussa’s Valuable Donation to NU

Mr. Amr Moussa donated his own library to Nile University which contains hundreds of unique books and scripts.

Nile University’s Professors Receive the State Encouragement Awards

Dr. Lobna A. Said and Dr. Ahmed Soltan got awarded the State Encouragement Awards in sciences and advanced technological sciences ...

The 29th Virtual IAMOT

IAMOT is the only international organization dedicated to advancing the state-of-the-art in MOT education and research.

Nile University’s Contribution to Water Preservation

The implementation of the theoretical research conducted by Nile University’s researchers are coming to life with their new project ...

SciVal Ranking NU #1 in 2020 Scientific Research Field

Nile University (NU) showed its unstoppable success when SciVal global database ranked NU first in the scientific research indicators in ...

Dr. Mohamed El-Erian’s Live Lecture with Nile University

Dr. Mohamed A. El-Erian, the former CEO and co-CIO of PIMCO, is a worldwide recognized economist who will be broadcasted ...

Professor Vincent Chan’s Live Webinar

The webinar is crucial for spreading awareness on the effects of corona on the cyber world.

NASA Chooses NilePreneurs for Its International Corona-related Project

Out of 331 organizations in 42 countries around the world, Design House, which is one of NilePreneurs’ initiatives by Nile University, has  ...

Launching the Artificial Intelligence Program at NU

The Faculty of Information Technology and Computer Science at Nile University has announced the launch of the artificial intelligence program (...