Achieving new physical and chemical properties through the reduction of the size paradigm to the nano-scale, and/or the control of different processes on such scale.
Nanotechnology is changing the world as we know it. It offers new greener applications that are better and more effictive than what we have today. Billions of dollars in funding and products are already in play worldwide.
This program focuses on the high impact emerging field of Nanoscience and Technology. You will attend lectures and labs on Nanomaterials processing, fabrication and characterization as well as modeling and simulation of such materials and systems.

This highly interdisciplinary degree with asignificant research component is geared towards practical applications. It will provide you with the necessary knowledge for industrial career and academic development and research.
Program Academic Objectives:
Providing strong foundation of nanotechnology fundamentals
Providing practical training on state-of-the-art nano characterization techniques
Strengthening the multidisciplinary approach of nanotechnology in Egypt
Strengthening the link between fundamental science and practical applications
Wider objectives:
Building capacity in Nanotechnology
Increasing competitiveness of local industry
Improved career prospective for applied sciences & engineering students
Career Prospective
The knowledge and experience gained through this program will enable you to establish a strong career in either industry or academia.

The program addresses applications for:
Construction Material Industry
Oil & Gas
Water & Agriculture
Packaging and Food Processing

The Program in a flash

Start: Spring Semester
Duration: 4 Semesters
Degree: Master of Science (thesis required)
Entry requirement:
Bachelor of Science (chemistry, Materials, math, or engineering)
TOEFL score: 61 Internet Based

i. Core Courses

All students must complete the following six required core courses.Click on the course to see in details.

Component Cr Hr
NT-601 Introduction To Nano Science 3 Credits
INT-620 Quantum Mechanics for Nanosystems 3 Credits
NT-630 Fabrication Of Nano Systems 3 Credits
NT-631 Surface and Nanostructures Characterization 3 Credits
NT-622 Computational Physics 3 Credits
NT-640 Environmental and Health Risk Issues in Nano applications 3 Credits


ii. Elective Courses
Click on the course to see in details.

Component Cr Hr
NT-621 Theory and Modeling 3 Credits
NT-660 Selected Topics in Nano science and technology 3 Credits


iii. Management of Technology and Business Courses
M.Sc. students must complete 3 credits in Management of Technology and/or Business.

iv. Thesis

M.Sc. students must successfully complete and defend a master thesis.
The thesis completation is equivalent to 9 credits.