NU Chemistry Lab

Chemistry Lab

Chemistry Labs’ mission is to dispense meticulous and precise practical, hands on lab training and activities in Chemistry, that are assigned to serve and support Nile university’s related core disciplines.

NU civil engineering lab

Civil Engineering Lab

Civil Engineering Labs Mission is to deliver competent engineers with knowledge, understanding, professional and academic integrity skills, that are capable of creating innovative,

NU design house

Design House

Design House is an entity that supports Startups and SMEs in translating their product requirements into reality by following a rigorous and tested SOP for product development and reverse engineering.

NU Electronics Lab

Electronics Lab

Nile University’s Electronics Lab combines basic electronic instrumentations and high technology equipment to serve the University’s undergraduates all the way through their five year educational

NU Fact Lab

Fact Lab

FESTO is a world leader in the field of automation and mechatronics with accumulated expertise and know-how developed in Germany for over 80 years serving global multi-national industry effectively.

NU innovation hub

Innovation hub

Innovation Lab has been established in Nile University in 2015 to be one of the first universities in Egypt containing such lab. The purpose of this lab is to provide complete continuous technical support

NU mechanical workshop

Mechanical Workshop

The main aim of the mechanical workshop at Nile University is to introduce students to the basic concepts of manufacturing via shaping, forming, machining, CNC machining and assembly.

Metrology Lab

The Metrology Laboratory in Nile University enforces the study of measurement, helps students to validate and verify predefined standards for traceability, accuracy, reliability, and precision.

NU Nano Science

Nano Science

The Nanoscience Lab provide hands-on experience in advanced Material Science technology. Students acquire hands-on experiments that combine learning different methodologies ..

Non-Conventional Manufacturing Lab

NonConventional Manufacturing Lab

Non-traditional machining includes a large scope of technologies. In the past, non-traditional machining processes were developed for applications that are not practical or cost effective

NU physics lab

physics lab

Physics Labs are intended to provide you with: Hands-on experience with the concepts we have been going over in lecture. Practice in taking measurements ..

Renewable Energy Lab

This lab is made available to students in a variety of ways. First, during scheduled labs, the student has access to the lab and equipment with a faculty member present to answer any questions