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Nile University (NU) is a world-class research institution of learning committed to excellence in education, research, entrepreneurship and innovation. NU is an Ahleya, non-governmental and non-profit university and the first of its kind in Egypt. The university offers both undergraduate and graduate programs for various fields. It was officially inaugurated in January 2007 with the aim of creating a tech-based knowledge generation platform to help streamline Egyptian youth with the global innovation and science community. Its business and technology-based programs and research centers are designed to address critical areas of vital importance to the economic growth and prosperity the people of Egypt and the region and to engage in cutting-edge applied research.

A contribution to Nile University is an investment in the future of generations to come, yearning for opportunities for empowerment and advancement. Nile University is reaching out to all community leaders and individuals to support the realization of the university's mission to drive technology-based economies in the region and to provide excellence in scientific, research and academic programs to those who deserve it. 

All donations and any surplus are fully reinvested for the academic, research, innovation and entrepreneurship enterprises and fields. This will not just support the university with its quest towards excellence, but will also represent a much needed investment in the future well-being of our society at large. 

The school provides very unique majors whether for undergraduates or postgraduates, with some majors that also merge management skills with its core courses.

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The BBA curriculum is designed to equip the students with the competencies and attitudes needed for success in the local and global workplace.

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The school provides students with enormous knowledge that builds their ability to apply computer science theories, abstraction, design and implementation to solve real-life problems.

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Biotechnology at NU includes the employment of new techniques to handle biological systems at cellular and subcellular levels.

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MOT enables candidates to keep abreast with the rapid advancements in science and emerging technologies and follow the radical changes in technologies.

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