Nile University’s GICO office acts as the University’s gateway to national and regional grant applications as well as industry-funded research grants. The office is responsible for managing and coordinating the overall grant application process, starting from identifying potential funding opportunities for existing research activities undertaken at Nile University, to handling the actual submission process and follow up requirements of grant proposals and contracts. GICO also acts as a facilitator and liaison for local and international partnerships and collaborations with research and academic institutions, funding organizations, industry and any other entities which could provide an added value to the University’s research.

– NU Research Areas

– Listing of Granting Organizations.

– Listing of Scholarship Opportunities.

  Grant Application Process at NU:

– Pre-Application Process

– Project Activities and Responsibilities

– Roles of Research Support Team

– Research Team Contact Info

– Aleya Serageldin – Grants office – Phone:+202 3854 1742 –  01005198798

– Yomna El Nahas – Research Office – Phone: +202 3854 1732 – 01223984847

– Elarion Magdy – Finance Office – Phone:  +202 3854 1833 – 01000707288

– Actions that might be required during project lifecycle

– Budget Reallocation

– Change of Salaries Allocation

– Extension of Project Timeline

– Termination of Contracts

– Forms and Templates.

– News and Events.