School of Management of Technology (MOT)

The Management of Technology Programs
Management of Technology is a unique graduate area of study specifically designed for current and future leaders in industry, business, and services. Nile University is among the very few universities in the developing countries that offer ,explicitly, programs in this particular discipline. The programs offer interdisciplinary studies that focus on upgrading the technical and administrative skills as well as the management capabilities of the students. It meshes the scientific essence of technology and engineering, with the art of management. Many developing countries base their socio-economic development efforts on massive imports of technology, mainly in its embodied form as machinery, equipment and products. The pressing need however, is for performing the processes of selecting the most appropriate technology, its acquisition and its deployment, effectively and efficiently. However, the ultimate goal would be raising the indigenous technological capabilities to reach technological innovation at the national level.The curriculums of the Programs of Management of Technology address the stages of the technology management process methodically, introducing the various tools and techniques that lead to success.  Delivery systems encourage continuous self-learning, clear and critical thinking and interaction with real life situations in business enterprises in the country. At Nile University, classes are characterized by an emphasis on interactive learning, by implementing the advanced teaching methodologies which leans heavily on using case studies and student’s research project presentations.The study is well balanced and flexible, including core, and supportive specialized courses, as well as guided self studies and research work.  The core courses include management of technology-centered knowledge. The electives include courses addressing the knowledge of corporate functions.  A third group of electives focuses on technology-centered knowledge and supportive tools.  Post-graduate students must do Projects, theses, or dissertations depending on their goal of study.The MOT programs are designed according to the international accreditation guidelines established by the International Association for Management of Technology (IAMOT).

Practitioners and professors from highly developed countries are invited to share their field experience with the students.  Moreover, the program gives the students a wide chance to have hands-on experience by practicing in work places that are relevant to their studies.

The M.Sc. & Ph.D. programs in Management of Technology illustrate, at different level of depth, the merging of business and technology in all industries and provide graduates the critical skills for future success. It equips students with the confidence and the competence to initiate, to anticipate, and to respond to the fast-evolving technological advances that define today’s business landscape.

Students are encouraged to bring their research problems from their workplace, or to choose a relevant research topic that reflects on the performance of their institution as well as reflects on their personal career.

Nile University is proud of its commitment to excellence in education. The Management of Technology Programs capitalizes on the strengths of the University in business, management, and technology, to provide unique and challenging post-graduate programs that respond to today’s technology-reliant world.


Both MSc and PhD programs in Management of Technology offered by Nile University are accredited by the Supreme Council of Universities SCU, the Government of EGYPT.

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