TICO Nile University Sessions for Entrepreneurship

TICO Nile University- Technology Innovation Commercialization Office has organized a group of sessions about Entrepreneurship: from Idea to Launch.

The topic will be delivered via 4 sessions:

Session #1: Developing the Opportunity & Creating the Value.

Session #2: Design Thinking for Entrepreneurs.

Session #3: Validation Techniques & Launching your Startup.

Session #4: Panel Discussion: Meet Tech Startup Founders

These Sessions are Conducted by Eng. Ahmed Dahe (Business Development & Innovation Management Consultant, TICO Office, Nile University)

The Sessions' objectives:

This series will introduce many aspects and techniques required to create a successful startup. You will be able to: Apply the entrepreneurial process, Build a winning entrepreneurial mindset and turn your research point into business.

- There will be a certificate of attendance for those who attend the four workshops together, and technical and business support for the best 4 ideas which will be selected at the end of the series from TICO Nile University.