Center for Nanotechnology

Director Word

The Centre for Nanotechnology provides hands-on experience in advanced Material Science and technology. The centre offers hands-on experience that combine vigorous scientific methodologies and techniques with projects that are both fun and exciting. The designed experiments teach students the key concepts of nanoscale phenomena that make nanoscience and nanotechnology one of the most exciting fields of research today. Our highly qualified research staff trains students to problem-solve with the wider picture in view, aiming to find innovative, ethical solutions that can have a profound impact on developing the overall well-being and supporting the Egyptian economy in different sectors for sustainable growth including social, economic, and environmental pillars

Achieving new physical and chemical properties through the reduction of the size paradigm to the nano-scale, and/or the control of different processes on such scale.


  • To build capacity in a powerful emerging technology
  • Energize sectors of the economy in priority areas
  • Develop and secure IP to enhance competitiveness in Nanotechnology.