Lab Engineer

Category: Staff Positions
Type: Full Time


Job Responsibilities: 

  • Preparation of workshop apparatus/equipment and materials as required, advising and assisting in the preparation and trialing of practicals and examinations, and keeping confidentiality where necessary. 
  •   collect and replace equipment and materials after use and clean when necessary. 
  • To check and maintain equipment is in good working order and, where possible, repair of apparatus. 
  •  Supervise students while working with the engineering equipment. To support, guide, and supervise groups of students with their planned learning activities. 
  •   To work with the teachers to develop lessons, work plans, and the classroom environment. 
  •  To support student achievement by providing constructive feedback to students on their work measured against the learning outcomes. 
  •  To be proactive in managing behavior, promoting self-control, independence, and integration of the students. 
  •  To assist with the ordering & storage of equipment, stock, and stationery.  
  •   Organizing the stock-taking of all equipment, with relevant risk assessments, and using storage and disposal arrangements as required. 
  •  Safe disposal of restricted waste materials. 
  •   To check and update the department’s inventory, on an annual basis.  
  •   To undertake routine safety checks as prescribed and maintain a safe environment.  
  •   General clerical duties concerned with keeping textbooks and coursework (as required) in good condition. 
  • Responsibility for Health and safety within IENG engineering department, writing risk assessments for experiments and demonstrations, informing staff about potential risks when necessary. Ensuring H&S records are accurately maintained and up to date.  
  •  To attend relevant courses concerning the work of technicians and to keep up to date on Health and Safety matters. 

Job Requirements

  • Bachelor’s in  Engineering (industrial engineering preferred ) 
  • Minimum two years of experience in a relevant position.
  • Ability to work with a minimum of direct supervision.
  •  Can work with basic hardware tools, and power tools
  • Organization skills, taking pride and ownership in the workspace to keep it tidy and safe.
  • Multi-tasker 
  • Knowledge of Administrative tasks & Data management procedures
  • Excellent Communication skills verbal and written
  • Attention to detail, readiness to solve problems in a professional manner
  • Ability to prioritize work, Prompt action, excellent planning skills, work & time management.
  • Mother tongue Arabic 
  • Very good command of written and spoken English Language
  • Very good command of MS. Office Applications, especially Word & Excel.
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