Development and Outreach Officer

Category: Staff Positions
Type: Full Time

The development and outreach officer will assist in obtaining funding from a diverse range of sponsors.


  • Build a database for NU key academic and research contribution areas.
  • Receive announcements of research funding opportunities and distribute the announcements to faculty according to areas of interest.
  • Use grants Platforms to receive up to date grants calls.
  • Reach out donors who are open for submission without a call.
  • Search for funding opportunities by monitoring program offerings, search for donor areas of interest and match them to faculty expertise, using a wide range of funding opportunities databases and other sources.
  • Assist faculty in identifying applicable and eligible funding opportunities.
  • Design and implement an effective outreach plan to increase the office of sponsored program's visibility.
  • Collect data and develop reports relating to grants opportunities.
  • Plan, deliver and evaluate workshops that showcase the University and designated faculty, ensuring information is accurate, up to date and appropriate for the relevant audience.
  • Seek out external or online training for internal capacity building.
  • Contact research centers and programs heads to meet and assess needs.
  • Utilize social media for office promotion (case studies, statistics, positive outcomes)
  • Capitalize on all aspects of the University marketing/media facilities – such as on-campus events and advertising to advocate about the sponsored Office and its services.
  • Work with the awards team and Nile University staff to develop news stories on significant grants and the impact of implementing their projects.


  • Bachelor's degree of Business Administration or relevant field 
  • 3-5 years of relevant experience.
  • Strong command of the English language
  • Strong oral and written communication skills are of the highest priority.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, particularly the ability to work with groups and organizations, both internal and external to the University. It is particularly important to possess the ability to work with diverse constituencies.
  • Familiarity with various sponsors’ policies and guidelines
  • Positive attitude, strong work ethic, commitment to the highest standards of customer service and professionalism and ability to work independently and as a member of a dynamic cross-functional team.
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