Co-Project Manager

Category: Staff Positions
Type: Full Time

Job Description

Job Purpose:
NilePreneurs Education and Awareness Team is looking to hire a project manager for one of Erasmus+ Co-funded projects in the field of personnel learning and development in different fields and levels (Readiness for
Employability, Entrepreneurship, Technical Training, Character and Personality Building and Others). The Project
Manager's role includes planning and following the implementation of all project activities, and people manage the direct reporters; in addition to following horizontal stakeholders and upper management of different teams within NilePreneurs and Nile University and having the task of budget control and report submission internally and externally to funding entities.


Major Responsibilities:

  • Read and understand project proposals, concept notes and planned budgets.
  • Translate required project objectives into on-ground activities and tasks.
  • Assign human and financial resources to handle the needed tasks.
  • Plan a timeline and resource charts to obtain required deliverables on time.
  • Follow activities implementation and facilitate workarounds for obstacles to stay on track with delivery.
  • Handle team human resources in terms of career progress and motivation.
  • Report deliverables as per required templates internally and externally.
  • Revisit performed activities for process optimization and quality control whenever needed times.


Job Requirements

Required Qualifications

  • Bachelor's degree in Business Administration or relevant field
  • 10-13 years of relevant experience 
  • Previous experience with Erasmus+ Projects is a plus
  • Proven experience with successful project results delivery in the societal development or L&D fields
  • Preferred experience with event management
  • Excellent people management skills
  • Flexible and problem-solving skills
  • MBA or PMP is a plus
  • Excellent planning skills

Language Skills:
Arabic: Excellent written and spoken
English: Excellent written and spoken

Computer Skills:
Microsoft word, PowerPoint, Excel

Other Skills:

  • Agreeable and dynamic team player
  • Organized and disciplined
  • Tactful and level-headed attitude
  • Relationship building and cooperative mindset


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