Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)


The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program at Nile University aims to create a new generation of business leaders that would have an active role in their communities and contribute to the management of the technology driven economies in Egypt and the region. The program focuses on developing knowledge and skills in core areas of management applicable to manufacturing and service industries. The curriculum is designed to equip the students with the competencies and attitudes needed for success in the local and global workplace. It also provides the students with a unique learning experience where they can acquire different skills that help them adapt to a continuously evolving business environment.The BBA program provides the basis for career growth, as well as a stepping stone to graduate programs in Business. It enables students to develop and demonstrate competencies in effective communication, application of qualitative and quantitative analysis, problem solving, decision-making, critical thinking, entrepreneurship, team work and leadership.


Nile University admits undergraduate degree-seeking applicants for the fall and spring semesters. Abiding by the rules and regulations set by the Ministry of Higher Education, Nile University ensures that all applicants submit completed applications including official primary and secondary school academic transcripts and certificates proving that they have completed at least twelve years of school education.

Nile University accepts early admission of up to one year in advance of their anticipated enrollment. However, only completed applications will be subject to review. All academic records must be translated and certified into either English or Arabic.

Decision on acceptance is based on the submission of a complete application form and meeting the admission requirements shown below including the results of the English proficiency test. Upon acceptance students should receive acceptance letters from the Admissions Office. Scores of the English Placement Test will determine the English entry level for students.



The BBA program targets outstanding students who would like to pursue a career in one or more of the business areas shown below. The student’s major is intended to qualify him/her to specialize in one of these areas and become a potential candidate to the relevant industry. The table below suggests the profile of potential employers of each major:


Major Potential Employers
General Business A student majoring in GB is qualified to fit into any of the business areas and the major is considered a good preparation for pursuing a post graduate degree.
Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management
  • Start-ups and SMEs
  • Development Funds
  • International Organizations and NGOs
  • Consultancy
Operations & Supply Chain Management
  • Manufacturing Firms
  • Service Providers
  • E-businesses
  • Consultancy
  • Logistics
Management of Information Technology
  • IT departments in local and multinational firms
  • Firms designing IT business solutions
  • E-businesses
  • Consultancy
  • Finance departments in local and multinational firms
  • Banks
  • Capital market
  • Brokerage firms, mutual funds etc
Integrated Marketing Communication The changes that have taken place in the global market over the last 20 years have emphasized the importance of effective interaction between marketing and communication. The Integrated Marketing Communication major takes into consideration social, environmental, economic and ethical conditions affecting the society.


Upon successful completion of the BBA program at Nile University, each student will be able to:


  • Articulate a foundation of knowledge and skills that supports and facilitates lifelong learning and professional development.
  • Communicate effectively using oral, written and electronic tools both individually and in groups.
  • Demonstrate critical thinking, problem solving, and decision making skills using information technology tools and techniques.

Management Specific

  • Integrate business disciplines in order to develop competitive perspectives of local and global business dynamics.
  • Understand and analyze the legal and ethical implications of business decisions.
  • Demonstrate effective leadership, entrepreneurship skills and individual and group dynamics.



To be eligible for graduation, students must complete the total number of credit hours required by each major as specified by each school at Nile University within a maximum period of six (6) years for Business majors, excluding any periods of full withdrawal from the university, provided withdrawal periods don’t exceed one academic year. Upon graduation, the student’s university and major cumulative GPAs must be of 2.0 or higher.
Students who have double majors within the same school may extend their period of study for one additional year.
As per the requirements of Ministry of Higher Education, Egyptian nationals who have not passed Thanaweya Amma Arabic Language and religion exams or their equivalence will not be awarded the graduation degree unless they pass equivalency exams in both subjects.


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