We proudly announce that Nile University has awarded Counselor Adly Mansour, the former President of Egypt, the first honorary doctorate in its history, yesterday, in conjunction with the university’s celebration of the graduation of the 9th batch of its undergraduate students, the 12th batch of master’s students, and the first batch of doctoral students. This great occasion happened in the presence of the university’s board of trustees in its entirety, headed by the thinker and politician Amr Moussa, and engineer Ibrahim Mahlab, the former prime minister and member of the university’s board of trustees; Dr. Wael Akl, President of the new National University of the Nile, Dr. Tarek Khalil, the first president and founder of the National Nile University, deans of faculties and heads of research centers.

For his part, H.E Counselor Mansour expressed, in his speech, his thanks and appreciation to the university and its role in the research life. He also thanked the parents of the university students who supported their children in their educational path, as well as the university, its president and its board of trustees for awarding him the first honorary doctorate degree in the history of the university.

He said that the university is one of the educational edifices established by the civil society, to contribute with its various specializations to the manufacture and training of future scholars in order to establish modern Egypt.

He added, “such research and educational institutions create a good educational climate that naturally leads to the formation of a balanced personality that can follow the continuous updates in the various fields of science, whose principles and concepts are almost changing every day. The truth is to explore the unknown and help us understand the universe around us, just as higher education, in general, should be a partner in shaping the features of the future, and it should have a fundamental role in building human beings capable of making development.”

In his speech, Counselor Adly Mansour has also mentioned the details of the conflict between Zewail City University and the Nile University, which, during his tenure in the affairs of the country, ended with the most appropriate solutions by allocating land for the city of Zewail so the matter would end with each of them having their own site.