English Assessment

  • A score of 61 or above in the IBT (Internet-based TOEFL).
  • A score of 500 or above in the ITP (Institutional testing program TOEFL) taken at Amideast (not available this semester).
  • A score of 6 or above in the IELTS taken at the British Council.
  • A score of B2 or above in the Oxford exam (no retakes for this exam).


Math Assessment

An exam is taken by American Diploma and IGCSE graduates applying to Engineering & Applied Sciences and Information Technology and Computer Science schools (students who took AS only and got C or below or A-level and got D). The placement exam includes math for the second and third years of secondary school. To pass the exam, students shall get 50% at least.

For example:
  • The domain of the function.
  • Function graphing (Shifting, reflection, scaling,...).
  • Trigonometric, exp, and log *functions.
  • Limits
  • Derivative of trigonometric, exp, and log functions.
  • Derivative rules
  • Applications on Derivatives.
  • Integrations: definite and indefinite
  • Applications on definite *integrals (area)