Prof. Courses Proj. Students Awards Winner Project OR Team Name
Dr. Sally Kasem

Operations Research


6 25 2
  •   Location allocation Model for Alexandria Company for rubber, Plastic and Metal Production
  •   Profit Maximization LP Model at Ghabour
Modelling of industrial and service systems (IENG-503) 3 9 1
  •   ATM Machine System
Logistics and Supply chain management (IENG-407) 1 3 0
Dr. Lobna Said

Introduction to Electric Circuit


39 150 6
  •   Intelligent Traffic Light Control
  •   Music VU Meter
  •  Lightning control using color sensor
  •   Electronic Piano
  •  LDR- Security system
  •   Remote-Controlling Circuit
Dr. Irene Samy

Production Operations Management


6 22 2
  •   El Sewedy Electrical company
  •   Cocacola co.

Human Factors Engineering


8 10 2
  •   Home ergonomics for water bottle
  •   Easy Acess Storage
Dr. Amr Gamal Introduction to Finite Element Method (MENG-401) 9 19 2
  •   Fluid-Structure in Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers
  •  Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer in Car Radiators

Fluid Mechanics II


1 9 1
  •   Design and build of a Prototype for measuring Pressure Losses in Pipes
Dr. Ahmad Taher

Automatic control system


6 19 3
  •   Fluid Level and Temperature Control over a single tank using PID controller
  •   Automated Parallel Parking of an Automobile using PID Controller
  •   PID controlled painting robot
Dr. Yasser Ayad

Introduction to Probability and Statistics


9 59 3
  •   Gear failure theory
  •   Rolling bearing
  •   Speech recognition
Probability and Statistics for Engineers
5 26 2
  •   Henkel’s filling process
  •   Modeling Queuing systems

Numerical Techniques


8 43 3
  •   Analyzing 3-Dimensioanl Projectile Motion with Drag and Weather Effects
  •   Solving ODEs and PDEs using Numerical solutions; finite element techniques
  •   Biochemical Oxygen Demand – (BOD)
Prof. Courses Proj. Students Awards Winner Project OR Team Name
Dr. Mohamed Wahby

2nd Robotic Competition Introduction to Engineering


29 Teams 148 5
  •   X-Team
  •  Robotronics Team
  •   3L Team
  •   Puzzle Team
  •   Robogames Winners: Seibertron
Dr. Ahmed Radwan

Differential Equation and Application


32 150 6
  •   Motion Camouflage
  •   Dynamic Models of Neurons
  •   Suspension Bridges
  •   Stochastic DEs in Circuits
  •   Satellite Systems
  •   Control of Blood Glucose Levels
Dr. Wael Akl SolidWorks (ENGR-201) 8 8 3
  •   Fares Essam Helmy: First Place
  •   Gabriel De Brito Silva: Second Place
  •   Abanoub Malak Selim: Third Place
Dr. Ahmed Hassan Nanotechnology Material 1 5 0
Eng. Ahmed Abo Bakr Innovation in Arts and Crafts (ARTS-108) 7 35 2
  •   ERROR505 Team
  •   D & F Team
Dr. Mohamed Wafa

Calculus II


9 42 2
  •   Aerodynamics: The motion analysis of floating object under the Coanda effect
  •   Gravity Concepts, Black Ops Team
Dr. Yasser El-Batawy

Physics II


37 135 3
  • Multi Junction Solar Cells
  •   Anti-Reflection coating
  •   Cloaking Phenomena
Total 224 500+ 48  

Shared moments IV 2nd Robot Competition


Jury Committee Feedback

  • Different projects were presented which covers all aspects of science. It was good opportunity for the students to apply the mathematics they learn in science. Most of the students did wonderful job and some did larger effort to solve the problem given to them or even make it harder and solve it. I saw a lot of potential there and I think they will be great engineers.
  • The most important item is experiencing the beauty of math behind every science which was achieved. Programming skills in most of projects are high level. Some did remarkable job with MatLab to solve numerically and analytically while others just used it for plotting.