Professor Courses Projects Students Awards Winner Project OR Team Name
Dr. Ahmed Radwan Application on Differential Equation (MATH-203) 26 95 5
  • Fractional order systems and Applications
  • Lung Ventilation modeling
  • Modeling of Heart pump
  • Pursuit Curves
  • Fractional-Order Mathematical Model for Chronic Myeloid Leukemia
Dr. Lobna Said Fundamental of Circuits І
20 80 2
  • Coin Based Charger
  • Smart Home
Dr. Ahmed Taher

Automatic control system


2 4 1
  • Forward & Reverse Kinematic Control of 5-DOF Robot
Total 48 150+ 8  

Jury Committee Feedback

  • All posters had the main points of the project listed with most of them having the different poster sections easily discernible. This gave the jury members a clarity of the project presented and made it easy for us to evaluate the work done.
  • Most of the teams presenting had enough confidence about the topic they are presenting which reflected a high level of knowledge and preparation that should be acknowledged.


Our Students have been entered the international database (SCOPUS)


M.M. Abdelwahab