Professor Courses Projects Students Awards Winner Project OR Team Name

Dr. Ahmed Radwan

& Dr. Mohammed Wafa

Calculus II and Analytical Geometry (MATH-112) 16 100 4
  • Watering Trough
  •  Gravitation Force
  • Blood Flow
  • Gas in Cylinder
Dr. Ahmed Radwan Linear Algebra and Applications (MATH-301) 12 50 3
  • Biometrics and Fingerprint Processing
  • Inverse Kinematics
  •  Steganography
Dr. Hany Nasr Numerical Methods
5 12 2
  • Runge’s phenomenon
  • The Artillery Problem
Dr. Wael Akl Engineering Design
15 100 4
Total 48 200+ 13  

Jury Committee Feedback

  • All posters were creative. They mostly included relevant graphs, proper spacing and colors, and a personal touch in terms of the picture of the team members preparing the poster.
  • It is a pleasure for me to be invited as an arbitrator for the undergraduate projects forum of NU, actually this is very creative and innovative idea, and in my humble thinking; the choice of engineering fields that based on applied mathematics principles will increase the student interest for engineering mathematics studies.